Our Projects
ProRite understands that developing quality assets is the first step towards sustainable operations.
The Sunshine
Residential building
Brummana, Mount Lebanon
Al Batal Group
Retail and Industrial Stores
Beirut, Lebanon
Freight Forwarding
Beirut, Lebanon
Salamoun Building
Salamoun Bldg 7-storey
Clemenceau, Beirut
Concorde Tower
Concorde Tower 12-storey
Ramlet El Bayda, Beirut
Verdun 564 Building
Verdun 564 9-storey
Beirut, Lebanon
LandMark Group
LandMark Group
Beirut, Lebanon
First National Bank S.A.L.
Beirut, Lebanon
CBC Buildings
Commercial Buildings Co.
DT, Beirut
Villa Nayla
Villa Nayla, a 1600 m2 built up area Villa
Al Najm 1337
Al Najm Bldg 12-storey
Sin el Fil, Horch Tabet
RYMCO leading vehicle dealers
Beirut, Lebanon
Patchi leading chocolate brand
Beirut, Lebanon
Salhab Building
Salhab Building 12-storey
Beirut, Lebanon
Hamra Gardens 493
Hamra Gardens- two residential tower blocks Beirut
Ramlet El Baida 3646- a 15-storey 2xblocks Beirut
Al Sahab 3726
Al Sahab 3726- A 16-Storey Tower
Verdun 505 Building
Verdun 505 Building located in Beirut, Lebanon
California 615
California 615- A 10-Storey -Residential Building
Borj Al Medina 1984
Borj Al Medina- A 15-Storey -Residential Building
Borj Kronfol 1143
Borj Kronfol- A 26-Storey -Residential Building
Unesco Gardens 3305
Unesco Gardens- A 11-Storey -Residential Building
Skyline 3145
Skyline building-A 14-Storey -Residential Building
Mir Omar 450
Mir Omar 450- 22x8 Two Block Buildings
Fakhri 4194
Located in Ramlet Baida, Beirut
Julia 4387
Located in Chiyah, Beirut
Parkview Tower 574
Located in Ain Mrayseh, Beirut
T Tower 4882
Located in Tallet El Khayyat, Beirut
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